Day trip to Jūrkalne


Jūrkalne (Felixberg)  - one of the most picturesque places located in the western part of Latvia on the Baltic sea coast, where the Jewish composer and author of the world famous song Hava Nagila Abraham Zevi Idelson was born. The road is going through the picturesque Abava River Valley and Kandava and Sabile towns. Historically both was important for Jewish comunity because in 19th century more than half of population was Jews. In both towns the Synagogue buildings survived. Longer stopover is planned in Kuldīga town, where widest water fall of Europe – Ventas Rumba is located. Renoveted Kuldiga Synagogue was the largest in Western part of Latvia - Kurzeme in nowadays it is library. Excursion will take up to 8-9 hours.


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