Flying fish in Kuldiga


Flying fish in Kuldiga. There are two special periods of a year when sea fish head to the rivers for breeding. Very interesting are the places where fish crossing waterfalls. In Kuldiga, the widest waterfall in Europe is an especially good location to watch the jumping fish. The best time to see this is October for salmon (Salmo salar), but in the beginning of June – the vimba (Vimba vimba).


Video how it is going on - The flying fish in Latvia.

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It still gives me very much pleasure to think back to these days in Jurmala and especially to your hospitality and helpfulness. Once more thanks a lot!
Zigfrid from Siegburg-Selingenthal
Armands proved to know the country very well and fulfilled any wish possible. So I don't hesitate to recommend his tours, especially if you want to bring in your own ideas and wishes.
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