Sigulda-Latvia's Switzerland

Turaida Castle Park of Sigulda Gutmans Cave

Sigulda - sometimes called Switzerland of Latvia, is the most popular tourist town for many decades. Together with Turaida Castel and Krimulda manor it is tourism destination good for shorter or longer stay. Sigulda new palace the former residence of count Kropotkin familie representing the building traditions of IXX century. The Gauja River National Park rich with sandstone outcrops and Caves - the picturesque landscapes of the snaking Gauja river. This is an unforgettable excursion for those who love culture, history and...gastronomy. The excursion will take 5-6 hours.


The place for coffee and cakes - "Eklers" and "MrBiskvits", but lunch at Restaurant "Aparjods".


The local wine tasting at Krimulda winery or Zilver wine.
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2-3 day tours in Sigulda


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