Kemeri National Park


Established in 1997, Kemeri is the third largest national park in the country by area, covering an area of 381.65 km². The territory of the park is located close to the Riga beach Jurmala, and mostly occupied by forests and marshland, the most significant of them being The Great Kemeri Bog. On our tour we will visit the Sloka Lake and Kanieris Lake (Ramsare site), excellent places for observing waterfowl and birds of prey.  The wild horses and taurus sanctuary are not far from Jurmala. The park also protects the famous natural mineral-springs and muds, used for centuries because of their therapeutic properties. The springs led to the development of the health resort in the 19th century. In 3-4 hours we will visit several spots depending on your interests.

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Bird watching tours

Hostelling Latvia’s ornithology amateurs organize different bird watching excursions according to guests’ interests. The surroundings of Jurmala are ideal for watching water birds in Kanieris Lake, the Sloka Lake and the seacoast of the Riga Beach  - Ducks, the Cormoran colony, Swans, Grebe, Grey and White herons, etc. The woodpecker area is also on the way in the wet woods. Meadows and grain fields are the perfect feeding place for White stork, Crane, Lapwings, Kite, and Buzzards. Very seldom the Black stork (Ciconia nigra), White tailed eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla), Spotted eagle (Aquila clanga) are visible in the quieter corners of the Kemeri National Park.

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Mushroom picking

Mushroom picking is very popular in Latvia. In a short period from the end of August till the middle of October the woods are full of people hunting and gathering fungi with a knife and basket. For those who love Nature and walking in the woods, this is nice experience to see something different. The excursion will start with a short presentation of edible mushrooms and the general rules of what to do in the woods. After the tour, the guide will clean and cook the mushrooms and explain what kind of dishes can be prepared. Before leaving Latvia your mushrooms will be returned to you in a special frozen food pack. The tour takes 3-4 hours in the pine tree woods near Riga and Jurmala.

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Flying fish in Kuldiga


Flying fish in Kuldiga. There are two special times a year is when sea fish head to the rivers for breeding. In Kuldiga, the widest waterfall in Europe is an especially good location to watch the jumping fish. The best time to see this is October for salmon (Salmo salar), but in the beginning of June – the vimba (Vimba vimba).

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